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agita a. 胃灼热,消化不良

agonal a. 临终[死亡]的agony

aunt[uncle] n.心理咨询员(阿姨,叔叔)

agoraphobia n. 陌生环境恐怖症

agro-forestry a. 农林业的

aides n. 护工

airspace n. 空隙,气腔

alae nasi n. 鼻翼[拉]

albicans a. 白色的,白色念珠病的

*alcopop n. 含酒精的饮料

alginon n. 藻朊农(一种合成浆)


1.acting n.a. 行为[动],动作,起……作用,有效的,作手术

by ~ as 靠……起作用

~ force 作用力

~ head 主刀医生,代理负责人

~ in the spirit of 本着……的精神

~ like 起……样作用

~ out(behavior) 出格,越轨(行为),潜意识显露

~ surface 作用[压力]面

~ up 复发

direct ~直接作用

double ~ 双重作用

quick ~ 快速作用

long ~ 长效

self ~ 自动的

2.action n. 作用,影响,行[活]动, 反[效]应,机能,行程,治疗,疗效 ,


~ current 作用电流

~ on 对……的作用(影响)

~ potential 动态电势

(have) ~ against 对……有抗御作用

~ pulse 动作(触发)脉冲

~ radius 作用半径,有效距离

~ through the medium 媒递作用

additive ~ 相加作用

back ~ 反作用

bring (call,out,set ) into ~ 使……发生作用,实行

by the ~ of 在……作用(影响)下

course of ~ 行动步骤

centrifugal ~ 离心作用[沉降]

chemical ~ 化学变化

correcting ~ 修正,校准

finding ~ 选择,搜寻

fission ~ (核)裂变

focusing ~ 调焦,聚焦作用

go into ~ 开始行动

in ~ 活跃起来,在起作用

joint ~ 联合作用

long duration ~ 长效

nodding ~ 摆动

out of ~ 出故障,失灵,失去作[效]用

put out of ~ 使瘫痪,使失去作[效]用,不能参加运动

reflex ~ 反射动作

safety ~ 屏障效应,防[保]护作用

sampling ~ 脉冲(周期)作用,抽[选,采]样

shim ~ 粗略调整[节]

single ~ 单效

take ~ 开始作用,采取行动

tonic ~ 紧张作用

trigger ~ 触发作用

under the ~ of 在……作用(影响)下

with no ~ of 而不起……作用

yet no ~ or belief in medicine science is above or beyond question



Tuberculosis of lungs 肺结核

Dr:How is your health lately ? 你近来身体怎么样 ?

P: Better than before 比以前好了一点

Dr:Have you still got fever ? 你还发烧吗 ?

P: Yes, it usually a low or moderate recurs in each afternoon or evening 是的,通常在每天下午或旁晚有点低烧或中等度的发烧。

Dr:Have you had contact with anyone who[ is ill with /has had ] tuberculosis 你同结核病人接触过吗?

P: (1)Not that I know of 我记得没有

(2)Yes, my father had had T.B 接触过,我父亲患过肺结核

Dr:Do you cough up a sputum ? 你咳痰吗 ?

P: Yes,mucous sputum 咳痰是粘液样的

Dr:(1)Does it have any blood in it ? 痰里有血吗 ?

(2)Have you [ever spit/ coughed up ] any blood ?你[咯/咳]过血吗?

P: Yes, it does 有过

Dr:How much ? 有多少 ?

P: About half and half 大约一半痰一半血

Dr:Is it spread all through the phlegm, or is it in clots ? 血是夹在痰中间还是血块 ?

P:(1)In clots 血块

(2)There are only a few streaks of blood mixed with the phlegm 痰里只带点血丝

Dr:Do you get tired more easily ? 你容易疲劳吗 ?

P: Yes, I do 容易疲劳

Dr:(1)Have you had night sweat ? 你盗过汗吗 ?

(2)Do you often sweat at night ? 你经常夜里出汗吗 ?

(3)Do you have night sweats ? 你夜里盗汗吗?

P: Yes, I often sweat at midnight, even if sweat all over 是的,我经常半夜里出汗,甚至全身都出汗

Dr:Do you feel the pain in the chest ? 你感到胸痛吗 ?

P: That’s right . but it nothing bad 有,但痛得不厉害

Dr:: Have you become thinner than before ? 你比以前廋些吗 ?

P: Yes, I’ve become much thinner recently .I ‘m reduced to nothing 是的,我最近廋了很多,我廋得不成样子

Dr:Let me listen to youe chest …..,I think you should have a roentgenographic examination and a tuberculin test 让我来听听你的胸部…..,我看你需要做X线检查和结核菌素试验

P; All right 好吧(待续)


Adrienne discovered that her feelings of anxiety and depression, that had been with her most of her life, disappeared after she started eating only organic foods. Her system was so sensitive to the pesticides and food additives in non-organic food that she could not eat them without feeling anxious and depres


Alex, who periodically struggled with depression, inadvertently discovered that drinking raw milk from an organic dairy had a completely different effect on him than pasteurized milk. He was visiting Los Angeles and went into a health food store where he discovered that he could buy raw dairy products (which are outlawed in most other states). He found that the raw milk gave him more energy and elevated his mood. He also found that, while he was lactose intolerant with pasteurized milk, he had no problems with raw milk. Now he has his raw milk, cheese, and butter shipped frozen to Wyoming, and no longer struggles with depression.


Over and over again my clients, who have chosen to tune into how food was affecting them, have discovered how much their feelings were being affected by food. Many of my clients have learned that even a little sugar brings them down. Sugar consumes so many vital nutrients as the body attempts to process it that it can actually be considered a poison. How many people really take “Sugar Blues” seriously?



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